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Recommended Private Tour in Osaka

Today, we write an article about private tour in Osaka.

Especially, we recommend 3 tours in Osaka.

1.Private Tour to explore Osaka

This is the tour to visit Shitennoji temple which is one of Buddhist landmarks, Osaka Castle, and down town area Shinsekai and Dotombori to experience the authentic atmosphere of Osaka from days gone by.

Also, tour price is reasonable and Shigeo is very friendly guide.

2.Half Day Tour of Osaka Castle and The Umeda Sky Tower

This tour will visit 2 pots in Osaka around 2 hours, Osaka castle and The Umeda Sky Tower.

Tour guide Hiroshi has many good reviews.

3.Private Tour in Nara and Osaka

This is a tour which can be arranged in accordance with customer’s request of sightseeing and meal. Door to door service by guide’s private car but no any transportation fee is charged or included into the tour fee. All transportation fee is covered by the guide as far as the guide’s car is used.

Tour guide Shu is professional guide at Nara and Osaka.


Every tour and tour guide has feature.Of course, it is able to customize the tour.


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