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What's Nippon PLUS

What's Nippon PLUS

What's Nippon PLUS

Nippon PLUS is a website where you can search and reserve your private tour guide.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “tour guide?”
Are you wondering “What the point of a tour guide is? " or
“Would tour guides be only something for large groups? " ?

Actually, tour guides can easily be reserved and used by small groups or just individuals as well through our website. All our tour guides have a national qualification as a Certified Tour Guide-Interpreter, so you could easily rely on them.

There is no question that you can enjoy the tour with the rich information of such a professional guide for various spots as something different from usual travelling.

Of course, there are general sightseeing courses on Nippon PLUS. However, there are also guides here that know "not so well-known spots" as well if you wish to see a part of Japan outside of the normal tourist locations.
Such new guides are always recruited time to time on our website for your search. You can also search for existing experts (guides) that are extremely familiar in regards to a certain genre.

In addition to introducing various tour guides, we are also always adding new information that will come in handy for your travels. How about trying a new way of travel and becoming an expert of travel (Nippon PLUS) as well?

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