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Self Introduction

I worked for a transportation company for 35 years with five year experience to have lived each in London & Los Angeles at that time.
I'm an expert on History and am interested in temples and shrines. It's my pleasure to talk with foreigners while exchanging views about various topics.




Nice to meet Hiroshi, our guide. He was very kind and answered all our questions, he told us a lot of interesting things about the monuments and Japan. The castle and the golden pavilon were better with him.




Hiroshi led us on a great tour. We learned so much from him and got way more out of our visits to these sites than we would have on our own.




Energetic, lovely and well prepared guide.




We loved this tour and particularly so because our guide Hiro was a truly lovely person who taught us a lot




Der Guide hat uns interessante Orte in Kyoto gezeigt, die wir alleine nicht gefunden hätten. Er hat uns kompetent über die Geschichte Kyotos/Japans informiert.

Guide's Information

Guide Possible Areas Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nara
Specialty Spots-Areas Kyoto and its surroundings
Specialty Field-Genre History and famous places, Shrines and temples
Expert's Name An expert on History
Guide's Possible Days Basically any Day
Usage Clause We will make emails or phones to confirm a reservation.
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Residential Administrative Divisions of Japan Hyogo
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