Privacy Policy
"Nippon PLUS" is run by Nana Travel (hereinafter to be referred to as “our campany”) and will manage personal information of the users of the service appropriately under the decided rules of the goals of the usage and third party provision.

1)About the goals of the usage of personal information

 In cases where we are provided with personal information from the customers, we will make the goals of our usage of said personal information clear in advance and only use the personal information in the realms of these usage goals.
If there are cases where we must use customer personal information outside the realms of the usage goals we made clear in advance, we will contact the customers and get approval before usage.
The usage goals of customer information is as follows.
(1)For the arrangement of the service provided by the tour guide and the procedures for receiving said service within the necessary range.
(2)In order to take care of estimation requests and questions in regards to services provided by travel agencies.
(3)For introducing products or campaigns.
(4)For requesting help with surveys.
(5)In order to take care of consultation and questions in regards to services other than what is listed above.

2)About third part provision of personal information

 This site will provide personal information gained to third parties under the following conditions.
(1)Reason for providing personal information to third parties
 For the arrangement of the guide service and travel service applied for and the procedures for receiving said service
(2)Items of personal information that is provided
 Name, phone number, email address
(3)Means or method of provision
Data transfer through a secure line
(4)Person to receive provided corresponding information or type/property of organization of person to receive provided information
 Tour guide applied for and other service sources

 Also, our company will never provide personal information received without the authorization of the customer in advance. However, the cases below are exceptions.
1. In cases where it stands on laws and regulations.
2. In cases where it is necessary to protect somebody’s life, wellness, or property, but receiving authorization from the customer is difficult.
3. In cases where it is especially important in order to push forward a healthy development for children or improve public health, but receiving authorization from the customer is difficult.
4. In cases where government agencies, local governments, or people that have received entrustment need cooperation in order to fulfill their duties of protecting laws and regulations, but getting permission from the customer may harm said duty.

3)Personal information handling entrustment

 At our company, within realms of necessity in order to achieve specified usage goals, there are cases where we will entrust the handling of all personal information or part of it.
In cases where the handling of personal information is entrusted, an outsourcing company that fulfills the set personal information protection standards. Appropriate and necessary oversight of the outsourcing company will be done along with taking the necessary measures in order to make a contract in regards to handling personal information.

4)Effects on arbitrary properties and customers of the provided personal information

 Giving personal information is voluntary, but in cases where the information is not received, there are cases where you may not be able to use the services provided by our company.

5)About the charge for the disclosure of personal information subject to disclosure

 In regards to personal information subject to disclosure, if the person or representative of said information seeks notice of the purpose of usage, disclosure, revision (revision of the contents or deleting/editing the contents), or cease usage (stop usage, deletion, or cease provision to third parties), we will handle it without delay.

6)Questions and Complaints

 Please contact us with the information below if you have any questions or complaints in regards to our company’s handling of personal information.

・Address: Sanno Hamaseiho116, 1-1-8 Sanno, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 143-0023
Nana Travel Inc. Personal Information Desk
・Email: Nana Travel Inc. Personal Information Desk
 Also, please understand that we cannot help those who come directly to our office.