Terms of Use

"Nippon PLUS" Terms of Use

Article 1 (Contract's Range of Application)

1 This contract applies to all users that use the service “Nippon PLUS” (hereinafter to be referred to as “this service”) introducing tour guides and being run by Nana Travel (hereinafter to be referred to “our company”). Users of this service shall use it after agreeing to the conditions in this contract.
2 Our company regards that the users of this service have agreed with this contract.

Article 2 (Definition of this Service)

1 This service introduces information (hereinafter to be referred to as “guide information”) about things such as sightseeing courses or basic information of registered tour guides providing a service (hereinafter to be referred to as “guide service”). This service is also a place where users can use the website “Nippon PLUS” and apply for reservations (hereinafter to be referred to as “reservation request”).
2 The guide information published on this service is made under the responsibility of the tour guides alone. This service is only for presenting said information and our company takes no responsibility for any of the information given.
3 The guide information introduced with this service may be changed (adding something or deleting something, etc.) without prior warning due to the convenience of our company or the tour guides.

Article 3 (Use and Conditions of this Service)

1 The conditions below must be followed at all times when users use this service. In cases where users violate the conditions below or in cases where our company has decided that something is inappropriate, our company will have said actions immediately stopped and cancel the user’s reservation request. In addition to this, said user will no longer be able to use this service and measures (including legal measures) will be taken to receive compensation for damages from the user.
(1)The conditions below must be followed at all times when users use this service.
a.When making a reservation request, the users themselves must register true and clear data based on our company's decided format and method.
b.The users of this service have the responsibility to strictly manage in secret the data they register during a reservation request (hereinafter to be referred to as “reservation request data”). The reservation request data must never be used by or handed over to a third party.
c.The users of this service must make payment in advance by credit card after making a reservation request.
d.Our company takes no responsibility with computer (under management of the user) or other apparatus theft, unauthorized usage, damage, loss, or unauthorized usage of reservation request data.
e.If the reservation request data of the user has been illegally taken by a third party or if any unauthorized usage occurs, notify our company immediately and take the necessary measures given to you if our company gives you special directions to follow.
(2)The user contract is made directly between the tour guide and the user under their own responsibility. If the tour guide has some other conditions or rules, they are to be understood and followed.
(3)In cases where users have questions or requests in regards to the tour guide, the users shall ask the tour guide directly. Also, if the user has a complaint in regards to the tour guide’s guide service or guide information, said complaint is to be directly given to the tour guide.

Article 4 (Individual Responsibility of the User)

1 When users use this service, all responsibility is to be taken by the user regardless of the user's actions or blunders that may occur. This includes actions from entering your personal email address and the results from that action. Also, when using this service, in cases where the user causes damages to others or a third party, the user is to take responsibility and personally settle things with said third party.
2 In cases where the user violates this contract and causes damages to our company, our company will request payment for all damages done.

Article 5 (Handling Personal Information)

1 Usage of Personal Information
Our company uses personal information from our service for the following reasons below.
(1)For the arrangement of the service provided by the tour guide and the procedures for receiving said service within the necessary range
(2)For contact/communication with the users of this service
(3)For introducing items and campaigns
(4)For requests to participate in surveys
(5)For creating statistical data
(6)For questions and consolation handling in regards to this service
2 Providing Personal Information to Third Parties
(1)Reason for Providing it to Third Parties
For the arrangement of the guide service applied for and Company of credit card payment system , and Reservation system service provider
(2)Items of Personal Information Provided
Name and email address
(3)Means or method of provision
Data transfer through a secure line
(4)Person to receive provided corresponding information or type/property of organization of person to receive provided information
Tour guide applied for and other service sources
Not including when it is necessary to do so by laws and regulations, the personal data we received will never be given to a third party without your authorization.
3 About the charge for the disclosure of personal information subject to disclosure
In regards to personal information subject to disclosure, if the person or representative of said information seeks notice of the purpose of usage, disclosure, revision (revision of the contents or deleting/editing the contents), or cease usage (stop usage, deletion, or cease provision to third parties), we will handle it without delay.

Article 6 (Prohibition of Transfer of Rights)

Users cannot grant and give the rights to use this service to third parties without receiving prior agreement from our company.

Article 7 (Change in System Contents in regards to this service)

In cases when our company finds it necessary to change the contents or system in regards to registration, operating, or providing this service, this company has the right to do the necessary changes without prior notification.

Article 8 (Prohibited Items)

The actions below are prohibited for users during usage of this service.
1 Violating this contract.
2 Doing something that breaches or may breach the copyrights, property rights, or privacy of other users, third parties, or this company.
3 Also, doing something that is a disadvantage or causes damage or something that may cause one of these two things to other users, third parties, or this company.
4 Slandering other users, third parties, or this company.
5 Doing something that violates the public order and standards of decency or something that may violate it. Providing information that violates the public order and standards of decency to other users or third parties.
6 Criminal activities or actions connected with criminal activities or actions that may be connected.
7 Political campaigns or things to that nature. Actions that violate the public office election law.
8 Actions of prostitution, religion, and politics.
9 Using this service without our company's permission for financial gain or preparation for financial gain.
10 Using computer viruses/harmful software or provided it through this service.
11 Pretending to be someone else and sending or writing information.
12 Using this service in ways other than the approved way created by this company.
13 Making copies or sending the information gained from this service for other uses rather than just personal use without our company's authorization. Giving usage to a third party through any kind of method.
14 Using this service without permission from your legal guardian if you are a minor.
15 Any action that violates or may violate the law and regulations.
16 Anything else that our company finds inappropriate.

Article 9 (Compensation for Damages)

In cases where users violate the conditions in this contract and cause damages to our company, the registered tour guides, or any third parties, the damages will be compensated for (including the lawyer fee). Also, in cases where trouble occurs for the tour guide or third party due to a violation of the conditions in this contract, the user must take responsibility themselves and pay for the damages while solving the issue on their own. The user must never cause damage, become a burden, or influence our company in any way.

Article 10 (Disclaimer)

1 Our company does not guarantee anything in regards to the tour guide information published with this service. Also, the guide information published with this service is done directly by the tour guide, so our company does not guarantee its accuracy, integrity, or usability. In addition, if you have any question in regards to the guide service or guide information, please ask the tour guide directly and check yourself.
2 In regards to any trouble or damages that occur related to the users using this service in regards to the provided guide service from the guides, not including reasons attributed to our company, we take no responsibility.
3 In regards to the guide information or other contents in this service or the contents/functions of this service, there are cases where there may be changes, additions, and removal of certain things without prior notice in order to improve the service.
4 Our company does not guarantee any of the items below in regards to this service.
(1)Satisfaction, usability, legality, accuracy, and the necessity to report speedily of the published information.
(2)That there will be no bugs/errors/problems with the system, damages to the communication line, or ceasing of functions or service.
(3)Correction of errors or mistakes/defects.
(4)That there are no computer viruses or other harmful things.
5 There are cases that our company may cease or stop operations of this service without prior notice shown as follows.
(1)In cases where information/functions or the system is changed periodically or suddenly.
(2)In cases where the system or facilities undergo periodic or sudden maintenance.
(3)In cases where provision of the services cannot be maintained due to natural disasters, earthquakes, blackouts, or other uncontrollable events.
(4)In cases where company decides to do it for a business strategy.
(5)In cases where the service must be stopped/closed for unexpected reasons.
6 Other than our company's websites from this service or links to this service, third party website (hereinafter to be referred to as “external websites”) contents are managed under the responsibility of the external website owner. When using external websites, the user is to adhere to the usage conditions and copyrights of the external website. Also, our company is not responsible for any damages caused through the usage of external websites or their contents.
7 Through Article 3 and Article 5 of this contract, in cases where there are any changes, additions, or deletions of the contents or functions of this service without prior notice, even in cases where the operations of this service are ceased or completely stopped, our company does not take any damages for what may be caused by these actions.

Article 11 (Changes in Terms of Use)

1 Our company may change the terms of use after notifying the users.
2 If users wish to continue using the service after being notified of the changes in this contract, the user is considered to have approved of these changes.

Article 12 (Court of Jurisdiction)

All legal action in this contract shall have exclusive jurisdiction by consent of the first instance in the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court.

Established: October 1, 2014
Revision: April 1, 2015