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About Tour Guides

About Tour Guides

A tour guide is someone who accompanies a traveler and explains various traits, history or an idea of the background of the places and buildings of famous tourists’ spots all throughout Japan.

Each guide has their own area or genre that they are familiar with.
For example, some guides really know a lot about “Tokyo,” while some guides are really into “samurai”, “ninjya”, etc. There are also guides who are foodies that know a lot about “cuisine.”

The tourist guides introduced on this site are all strictly selected guides having a national qualification known as "a Tour Guide-Interpreter". For the languages offered by each guide, please refer to the detailed pages of each guide.
Their goal is not just to explain facts to visitors from abroad, but also to show “hospitality” as well during their guidance.

In addition, there are various tours available depending on the guide.
There are two types of courses: the standard course and the private course made by request of the customer.
It is also possible to meet up and just be taken “to and from” the customer’s destination.

We wish you the best in finding the perfect tour guide to match your needs.

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