First Timers
The guidelines for using "Nippon PLUS" are as follows.
After getting a rough idea about where you want to go...

STEP1Search for your tour guide.

You can search for your guide from area or sightseeing from the top page.

STEP2Reserve the tourist guide of your choice.

After confirming the tour details, click “Request now!”.
To choose other guide, please go to the Tour Guides List page on the top of each guide detailed page.

★Guide Details

★Tour Details

(Note) Since this is a request reservation, the reservation is still not finalized after just applying.

STEP3Wait for the response to your request.

A response to your request will be sent your way giving you the “OK” or a “Not OK”.(For the most part, a response will be sent your way within 24 hours. However, depending on the day of the week, there is a possibility that it will take a little more time.)


After getting an “OK”, you will be sent a request in advance for payment by credit card.(Paypal)
After the payment has been made, the reservation will be officially made.

About Paypal is as follows.
About Paypal(Please select your country.)

STEP5Participating in a tour

Let's enjoy Japan!