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For first-timers

For first-timers

For first-timers

The guidelines for using "Nippon PLUS" are as follows. After getting a rough idea about where you want to go...


Search for your tour guide.

You can search for your guide from 『Tours & Activities』 or 『Cities and Areas』or『Guides』 or『Genres』from the top page.


BOOK the tourist guide of your choice.

After confirming the tour details, click “BOOK NOW!”. To choose other guide, please go to the Tour Guides List page on the top of each guide detailed page.


Input your information.

Please input your information to need for booking.
1)Your name
2)E-mail Address
3)Your country
4)Hotel Name



After inputting your information, you will pay in advance by credit card.


Participating in a tour

Let's enjoy Japan!

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