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What is "Nippon PLUS"?


This site is here to match travelers with tour guides.
This site is made for people who still are not really familiar with “tour guides” in order to give them a chance to make reservations even as individuals.
The name was given with the idea of people becoming experts (in traveling) after going to sightseeing locations only known by a select few.


Does it cost for using this site?


Using this site is completely free. When you actually make a reservation, there is a guide fee (tour fee).
The guide fee is to be paid in advance by credit card.


This is my first time using a tour guide. Am I going to be okay?


There is no need to worry about a thing. We only use guides that get through our independent screening standards.


How do I make a reservation?


Search for a tour guide on the TOP page. After confirming each profile and the guide’s field of specialty listed, you can click a “BOOK NOW”button for the guide that you wish to reserve.


I made a reservation request, but I didn’t get a reply. (Request or contact only)


In principle, you should get a response within 24 hours after the reservation request.
However, if you still have not gotten a response after 3 days, we apologize, but we request that you please make the reservation request one more time.


I want to cancel my reservation.


If you wish to cancel your reservation or change it, please contact your guide that you reserved directly.


I made a reservation, but I still haven’t gotten a confirmation email.


Sometimes the mail from our site gets put in the spam mail folder, so please check your spam mail folder just in case.
Also, for customers who make reservation requests from their smartphones, please make sure that your phone is set so you can receive emails from “”.
Each phone company is different with how you check your phone settings, so please check your phone’s homepage for more information.


I searched for a tour guide, but there were a total of 0 people in my results list...


There are cases where there will be no tour guides that match your conditions. In these cases, please change the conditions and try searching again.


Can I get a guide for an area not listed in the profile?


Even though it may not be listed in the profile, there are some guides that may be able to help you out with this. For more information, please contact us on the “Contact Us” page.


I have a question that wasn’t listed here.


Please contact us on the “Contact Us”page for more information.

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