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We have released new service “Consecutive days tour”

We have released new service “Consecutive days tour” on November 3rd.

We provide “One Day(or Half-day) Tour” until now, however, we can provide the tour more than 2 days.

And this service is beneficial for guests staying more than 2 days in Japan with a discount guide fee for a maximum of 5 consecutive days.

For example,

  • Tokyo 2 days
  • Tokyo 2 days and Kamakura 1 day(Total 3 days)
  • Kyoto 2 days
  • Kyoto 2 days and Nara(or Osaka) 1 day(Total 3 days)

Of course, guests can decide combination of destinations freely.

And itinerary is able to customize in consultation with our guide.

If you want to use a guide service more than 2 days, please see the service page.


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