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New Tours in Tokyo and Kamakura have been created by our Guides

Today, new tours have been created.
One of the two tours is created by Yoshinori and tour title is “Private 1 Day Tour in Tokyo Experiencing Japanese Traditional Culture”.
This tour will visit popular spots in Tokyo, and you can experience Japanese traditional culture.Also,you can ride water bus on Sumida river.(Course:Meiji Shrine~Imperial Palace~Hamarikyu Garden~Asakusa)

Also,the other one is created by by Yuta and tour title is “Full Day Kamakura Cultural Tour Including Enkakuji Temple”.

There are many Kamakura tours in our website, this tour include Enkaku-ji temple for the first time. Enkaku-ji temple is located Kita-Kamakura area,  it is counted by”Kamakura Gozan”.

In addition to Enkaku-ji temple, this tour visit Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine and Hokokuji temple.

You can see all tours in Kamakura ⇒Here


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