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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Japan Tour Guide

Did you know 5 things about Japan tour guide below?
We introduce secrets of tour guides.

1)Number of tour guide
There are over 20,000 tour guides in Japan(lisenced tour guide),and English(English-speaking guide)
is the most common language.

2)Certification number
Every tour guide has certification number. ENxxxx is guide number.
You can see in our website(guide detail page).

3)A lot of knowledge
Tour guide study very hard, as well as English, Japanese history and culture,geography and so on.

4)Generous hospitality
They have generous hospitality and try to guide to customer’s satisfaction.
It needs not only knowledge but also hospitality,they are required every day to proceed.

5)Specialty Field-Genre
All guides have their specialty field-genre. For example,history,culture, temple and shrines,food…
And all guides create an orginal tour according to thier specialty field-genre.

Did you enjoy this article?
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