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A New Private Guide in Hokkaido has joined Our Website!

Today, a new private tour guide in Hokkaido has joined Nippon PLUS.

Guide name is Shinobu.

While he became a licensed tour guide in 2016, he has already guided Nagano city,Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo, Kobe.

Especially his strong point are Sapporo, Hakodate and Otaru.

We introduce his self-introduction:

I’ve guided Hokkaido, Nagano City, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo and Kobe, but especially, I’ve often guided Sapporo, Hakodate, and Otaru. I want you to experiece milking, cheese-making, glass-blowing, sushi-making, Japanese sweets making, and footbath. These activities can do only in Japan, so I believe these actitivies will deepen your memories in Japan. I can arrange my schedule, so please talk to me if you want to go with me.

Also, in his tour, you can have an experience some Japanese culture.

Tour title is ”

1 Day Private Tour in Otaru Including Some Japanese Culture Experiences

For example, Wagashi(Japanese sweets)-making or Sushi-making, watching Japanese Sake brewery.

Tour price is $204(per group), inclusion is guide fee, exclusions are transportation and experience fee and admission fee.

A tour guide will pick up and drop off you at your hotel in Sapporo. It will use train from Sapporo to Otaru.

Please join this tour and enjoy Japanese culture experiences.

See his tour⇒HERE

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