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How to create your original private tour by 6 steps

How to create your original private tour by 6 steps

We introduce how to create your private tour.
It is very easy,so please read below and let’s try.
You can create your own private tour with a professional tour guide.

1)Access our website
You will access our website and click “Create an original tour”.
Please input necessary items ,as it will open a input form.

2)Write your request
Please write your request. For example, places you want to visit(Tsukiji, Asakusa,Shibuya,etc.) or things you want to do(tea ceremony, kimono wearing, ninja performance,etc.) or things you are interested in.
It is more better to write about your family. Because a guide will be easy to suggest you.

3)Send a request and Wait for reply from us and tour guide
After you wrote, send a request and wait for reply.

4)A tour guide suggest you directly and exchange email with a guide
A guide will suggest your original tour directly. And you will exchange email with a guide.

5)Agree tour conditions and payment
If you agree tour conditions with a guide, you pay tour fee by credit card in advance.

6)Wait for tour date and take your departure
Please enjoy your original private tour!

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