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Private Tours in Osaka with Our Guide

Osaka is biggest city next to Tokyo in Japan.

Also, there are many delicious food in Osaka and is noted for “Takoyaki”.

Of course, there are many sightseeing spots.

We introduce 2 private tours in Osaka on Nippon PLUS.

Half Day Tour of Osaka Castle and The Umeda Sky Tower

This tour is half-day(around 4 hours) and will visit 2 spots in Osaka.

It is Osaka castle and Umeda Sky Tower.

Private Tour to explore Osaka

Duration of this tour is 6 hours and will visit 3 spots in Osaka.

1. Shitennoji temple
2. Osaka Castle
3. Shinsekai /Dotombori (back streets and shopping and dining district.)

You can experience “Takoyaki” at Dotonbori area.

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