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Relocation Date of Tsukiji Fish Market is approaching

We once wrote that Tsukiji inner market will relocate from Tsukiji to Toyosu.

And relocation date is October 10th.

Perhaps, it seems that it is difficult to observe at Tsukiji inner market as preparation of relocation will start from beginning of October.

However, Tsukiji outer market still continue to operate, we recommend to visit Tsukiji outer market.

About Tsukiji Fish Market

Also, we have many tours to visit Tsukiji outer market.

We introduce some tour from a variety of tours.

One Day Tokyo Highlight Tour Including a Cultural Workshop

This tour covers the three most popular sites in Tokyo, Tsukiji , Ginza and Asakusa. Tsukiji is the busiest fish market town in Tokyo where you can enjoy the Japanese food culture.

And ,in this tour , you can also experience an unique cultural workshop, such as sushi making, tea ceremony , paper lantern making and calligraphy.


One-Day Trip in Tokyo By Train

With one-day pass of subway, you will quickly visit as many attractive spots in Tokyo as possible.


Private Full-Day Walking Tour of Selected Destinations in Tokyo

It’s the perfect tour of strictly selected tourism destinations in Tokyo.

And this tour will visit Tsukiji Honganji Temple and Tsukiji outer market.

Also, you can eat “Sushi” at “Tsukiji Sushi Sei”.

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