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Have you visited to Gokuraku-ji Temple in Kamakura?

I went to Gokuraku-ji temple yesterday.

Gokuraku-ji temple is in Kamakura, it is near Hase.(There are Hase temple and the great buddha)

To go to Gokuraku-ji temple, you can use Enoden From Kamakura staion.

From Kamakura station to Gokuraku-ji station, it takes around 7 minutes(4th station from Kamakura).

Many people get off at Hase station(3rd station from Kamakura), few people get off at Gokuraku-ji station.



Also, Gokuraku-ji station is known by the 100 best stations in Kanto region.

●Gokuraku-ji station

●the gate of Gokuraku-ji temple


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