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Standard Course and Visiting Spots of Kamakura Private Tour

We introduce about Kamakura tour.

If you visit to Kamakura first time, we recommend standard course.

Standard course of Kamakura tour is as follows:

  • Hase-dera temple
  • Kotokiin temple(The great buddha)
  • Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine
  • Komachi-dori street

From hotel in Tokyo to Kamakura will take around 1 hour by train.(it depends on hotel location)

After getting Kamakura station, you will transfer to “Enoden” and go to Hase station.(around 5 minutes, 3 stations)

Hase-dera temple and Kotokiin temple is near, you will go on foot.

And you will go back to Kamakura station, you will visit  Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine and Komachi-dori street.

Komachi-dori is very famous shopping street, there are many shops, it is opening new shops every month.


Also, as you know, there are many temples in Kamakura, for tourists who does not satisfy standard course, we recommend “Kita-Kamakura area”.

Popular temples in Kita-Kamakura, Enkaku-ji temple and Kencyo-ji temple.

The tour which visit to Enkaku-ji temple is “Full-Day Kamakura Tour from Tokyo Including Engakuji Temple and Great Buddha“.


And if you have enough time to visit Kamakura, you must go to Hokoku-ji temple.(Entrance is featured image)

It calms visitors and I(webmaster of Nippon PLUS) like there.

If you will visit Hokoku-ji temple, we recommend “One Day Trip to Kamakura Exploring Bamboo Groove at Hokokuji Temple“.

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