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Kamakura Trip

The feature of Kamakura

Kamakura is one of the best tourist spots in Japan. It is very popular among foreign tourists visiting Japan for the first time because it takes about an hour to get to Tokyo and you can enjoy the history and scenery of Japan.
In addition, the shopping street called "Komachi-dori" is lined with various restaurants as well as souvenirs, so you can enjoy food.

History of Kamakura

Kamakura was established by Yoritomo Minamoto in 1192, the first Sho-gun of Kamakura Bakufu.
The reasons why he established Kamakura Bakufu in Kamakura is defensive position surrounded by sea and mountain.
Although Kamakura Bakufu cease to exist in 1333, Kamakura became to a tourist destination and popular.
Accessibility from city center and historical attraction made Kamakura the world's pre-eminent sightseeing spot.
Many temples and nature will heal you.

3 Attractions of Kamakura

Many traditional temples

PART1Many traditional temples

There are around 150 shrines and temples in Kamakura and Kita-Kamakura area.
We recommend to visit either Kamakura or Kita-Kamakura as it is difficult to visit both area in same day.

PART2A streetscape that makes you feel the history

Walking around Kamakura, you can feel the history through a streetscape.
The great buddha is located within easy distance of Kamakura station(by Enoden or on foot).

A streetscape that makes you feel the history
Accessibility from city center

PART3Accessibility from city center

You can reach around 1 hour from Tokyo by train. (JR Yokosuka line or Shonan Shinjuku line)
So, you can walk around and back on the same day to Tokyo.

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Come on. Let's visit Kamakura

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