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Private Tours in Kamakura with Our Guide

Kamakura is known as an old capital of the Kamakura Bakufu (Samurai Government) established by MINAMOTO no YORITOMO over 800 years ago and also has many historical shrines and temples.

It is located just about one hour train ride from Tokyo, so Kamakura is one of most popular foreign tourist spots as a day trip.

Enjoy our private tour in Kamakura with a Nippon PLUS professional guide.

Most popular tour in Kamakura is

Half-Day Tour of Kamakura

And this tour will visit popular 3 places in Kamakura

  1. Hase-dera temple
  2. Kotokuin temple(The Great Buddha)
  3. Tsurugaoka Hachimangu temple

Also, tour guide is Ironman

and he creates 5 tours on our website.

Kamakura is his special place, however, he is also familiar with YANAKA area in Tokyo.

Please see his tour.


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