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Self Introduction

Hi, my name is Tetsuyuki. Tetsu for short. Tetsu literally means iron. I live in Zushi city, so you can call me Zushiironman. My life’s calling is to be a missionary of Japanese history and culture.My passion is teaching about Japanese culture.And my aim is to make people aware of our intellectual and artistic contributions to the world.In other words , I would like to be a grassroots diplomat. I have been teaching English, Japanese history and Japanese Classics for more than 30 years.

Many foreign tourists, like you, want to know more about Japan. We, Government Licensed English speaking Tour guides have the answer to your needs. I would love tourists, to enjoy our safe, clean and well-organized Society. On top of that you can also enjoy the world’s renowned gracious hospitality of the Japanese people. As a professional tour guide, I will take you to the tour here, especially, to Kamakura where I am very much familiar with. Not only Kamakura tour, but also special unknown Tokyo tour can be requested.




I enjoyed this private tour because I got to see what I wanted to see. I had more than one tour of Tokyo. Therefore, this one was tailored for my specific desires. My tour was at my pace, my stopping to make purchases at will and proceeding faster at points that were too crowded for me.




We knew that we had to take buses and trains to reach our destination but the entrance fee we had to pay our selves. Consider this trip with the Nikki trip we feel it was too high considering our transportation to Nikki is included and it is an all day tour whereas Kamakura was only a half day tour.




Very helpful and knowledgable guide who was local to the area so made everything very clear and easy, even the long train ride. The Buddhist temple was the most enjoyable of our trip - not crowded at all - and the giant Buddha was a real surprise. We stayed on in Kamakura for lunch and close inspection of the shopping street!




We learned a lot on this tour - our guide met us at our hotel and we took the train to Kamakura - the train was busy so be prepared to potentially stand the entire 45-60 minute ride! Our guide gave us the option of renting electric bikes and we chose that option for a price - it turned out to be a fun way albeit dangerous to see the sites! It was a beautiful day to visit. In the end, we encouraged our guide to take the train back without us so we could explore more on our own. It's a 5 hour tour, but probably 2-3 hours depending on hotel location and train schedules are just gettting there and back. The main reason for 4 stars and not 5 was that we really felt rushed - I would've liked more time to explore on such a beautiful day and our guide had to get back to Tokyo for a meeting. If I go back, I would not get a guide, but we had no idea how to do it on our own. It's really fairly easy and I'd rather go at our own pace.




Yuki is a very wise and professional Tour Guide. The tour was interesting and Kamakura is a beautiful place to visit, although a bit too touristic.




Our tour guide left a couple of things to be desired but the food was great.

Guide's Information

Guide Possible Areas Kanagawa(Yokohama and Kamakura),Tokyo
Specialty Spots-Areas Kamakura,Tokyo
Specialty Field-Genre Japanese history, Japanese culture
Expert's Name An expert of Japanese history and culture
Guide's Possible Days Everyday (Subject to a prior reservation)
Usage Clause We will make emails or phones to confirm a reservation.
Others -
Residential Administrative Divisions of Japan Zushi City(Kanagawa pref.)
Affiliated Groups Forum Japan
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