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Recommend Private Tour in Tokyo

We would like to recommend 3 tours on Nippon PLUS.

All tours are Japanese culture experiences and there are also experience-based activity.

1)Iaido Experience Tour to learn Samurai spirit near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

We quote part of tour detail from tour page below

You can experience Test cutting of Shizan(to be detailed later)which is most suitable for learning the Samurai spirit. Moreover,old swords produced in the 15th to 16th centuries, which are said to have excellent sharpness ever, are used!!》
【Video on the tour →


2)Special Private Tour-Soba buckwheat noodle making in Tokyo YANAKA

Soba buckwheat noodle making experience in YANAKA noted for its nostalgic townscape.》
【Video on the tour →


3)Private One Day Tour in Tokyo Including Sumo Training Session

On this tour, you will experience some of the most exciting things that my home town of Tokyo has to offer.

This tour is offered only when the stable’s schedule permits. Please refer below.

※Please note that if the sumo stable will not be open on the date you would like a tour, we can arrange to visit other sightseeing spots instead, such as the Tokyo Tower, the Meiji Shrine or any other place you might prefer.

It is not able to visit Sumo stable during Sumo Grand Tournaments.

Annual Schedule Sumo Grand Tournaments dates and place]
*Tokyo [January 14 to 28]
*Osaka [March 11 to 25]
*Tokyo [May 13 to 27]
*Nagoya [July 8 to 22]
*Tokyo [September 9 to 23]
*Fukuoka [November 11 to 25]

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