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We have 10 Private Tours in Kamakura

If you would like to visit Kamakura,  please see the page below
Kamakura page

There are many private tours in Kamakura, you can search your favorite tour from among tour lists.
Especially we recommend this tour.

One Day Trip to Kamakura Exploring Bamboo Groove at Hokokuji Temple

The reason why we recommend, there are many tours which visit to Hase-dera temple and the Great Buddha and Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine,
it is a little to visit Hokoku-ji temple. 
Hokoku-ji temple is famous for "Bamboo Groove", it is one of my favorite temple in Kamakura.

Hokoku-ji temple entrance

Bamboo groove at Hokoku-ji temple

You can see Bamboo groove enjoying Japanese tea at tea house.

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