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How to Use Mt.Fuji Private Tour

We will show you how to use Mt.Fuji private tour.
If you stay in Tokyo and you would like to participate in Mt.Fuji tour, we recommend the following way.

1)You go to Kawaguchiko station by yourself and you meet a tour guide there.
To go to Kawaguchiko station, it is convenience to get abroad highway bus. There are high-way bus terminal at Shinjyuku or Tokyo station, it will arrive at Kawaguchiko bus stop around 2 hours and half.
Mt.Fuji tours⇒The Great View of Mt.fuji
Enjoy MtFuji Area Special Private Tour
Private Walking Tour in Aokigahara-The Sea of Tree and Exploring Caves

2)You meet a tour guide at your hotel in Tokyo and go to Kawaguchiko area with guide.
You will be picked up by your private tour guide at your hotel in Tokyo, and go to Mt.Fuji area with guide, you will be dropped off at your hotel in Tokyo.
Tour is here⇒Exciting Mt. Fuji One Day Tour from Tokyo

If you choose any way,you will enjoy Mt.Fuji tour.

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