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The Reason Why We Recommend Kamakura Private Tour

The reason why we recommend Kamakura private tour, it is beautiful autumn leaves.

A you know, there are many temples in Kamakura area.(Famous Kamakura area is near Kamakura station and Kita-Kamakura station)

If you visit to Kamakura, we recommend to visit Kita-Kamakura area.

Kita-Kamakura is near Tokyo than Kamakura. You can go to Kita-Kamakura by train.

And Kita-Kamakura station is next to Kamakura station.

Famous temples in Kita-Kamakura is Enkakuji temple and Kencyoji temple.

Private tour to Enkakuji temple is here:

Full Day Kamakura Cultural Tour Including Enkakuji Temple

There is not a tour to visit Kencyoji temple, however, all tour is able to customize.

Other tours in Kamakura is HERE

⇒Private Tours in Kamakura



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