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2 Days Guide Service Kyoto Highlights

We have created new private tour.

Tour title is “2 Days Guide Service Kyoto Highlights“.

This tour is recommended for guests who is looking for Kyoto tour in 2 days.

However, you can change from Kyoto to Osaka( or Nara) as it is able to customize destination and itinerary.

Also, tour fee is discounted 5000 yen, it is beneficial for guests.

Itinerary sample is as follows:
DAY-1 Kyoto
1. Your hotel in Kyoto
2. Nijyo-jyo Castle
3. Kinkakuji Temple(“Golden Pavilion”)
4. Arashiyama district
5. Gion area
6. Your hotel in Kyoto

DAY-2 Kyoto
1. Your hotel in Kyoto
2. Kiyomizu temple
3. Yasaka shrine
4. Nishiki market
5. Fushimi Inari shrine
6. Your hotel in Kyoto

After booking, a tour guide will suggest you itinerary. If you have any requests, please feel free to ask a guide.

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