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Special Private Tour in Tokyo Yanaka has been created by Hiroki

New private tour in Tokyo Yanaka has been posted by Hiroki.

Tour title is Special Private Tour-Soba buckwheat noodle making in Tokyo YANAKA

We introduce some tour details below

This program, held in the Soba noodle restaurant of “YANAKA Soba” noted for its authentic style and great tasting, is very popular among the locals!! Since the Soba chef, owner of the “YANAKA Soba” spares nothing for a fine Soba, its work routine of making Soba begins with grinding husked buckwheat berries with stone mill. Buckwheat flour ground by stone mills will create the top quality SOBA noodle. Roller mills are usually used for making buckwheat flour,but,the heat generated by rollers rotating at high speed spoils flavor of SOBA.
That’s why,the restaurant grinds buckwheat slowly and carefuly using stone mill to make great tasting SOBA flour. And,this restaurant uses only domestic buckwheat from specified buckwheat fields for its high quality. More specifically,they use the top quality husked buckwheat berries organically grown around the area of Lake Towada.(Lake Towada located on the border between Aomori and Akita prefectures in the Tohoku region.)
The skillful art of Soba noodle making using carefully made buckwheat flour makes up the great tasting Soba noodle having excellent feeling of smooth throat pass!! After making Soba noodle, you’ll try your own Soba sitting comfortably in a reserved seat!! Moreover, it’s coming with complimentary two side-dishes and dessert!!

Also, this guide create other Japanese culture experience tour.

Iaido Experience Tour to learn Samurai spirit near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

You can experience test cutting of Shizan which is most suitable for learning the Samurai spirits.

Please enjoy Japanese culture.

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