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Having experiences as a voluntary guide with hospitality, I will guide some walking tours with relaxed atmosphere. I am a senior and have engineering background. My guide presentation may be easy to understand with the engineering logical presentation experiences.




We booked this walking tour for the morning after we arrived in Tokyo as a way to get a better lay of the land. We’re so glad we did, because it made us feel more comfortable navigating the remainder of our trip on our own, and we went back to certain spots we wanted to check out further later that week. Five hours was perfect, since we knew we’d be jet-lagged. Plus, the tour hits some great highlights of Tokyo. Our tour guide, Takao, was very friendly and knowledgeable, and he was very accommodating of our requests to linger longer in some spots. Overall, we’re very glad to have booked this private walking tour!




Had a great time, I did not get a chance to attend the tuna auction that morning so my guild made sure that I got so see some of the big tuna's and he came through!!! My guild spoke vary good English was vary well informed on everything we went through. The only problem was that it rain the day I went on but that did not stop us from moving forward!!! All around I was vary happy at the end of the tour!!!

Donna F



Excellent tour guide and enjoyable tour, evening the rain.




Wonderful guide who provided plenty of information about Japanese culture and history. The fish market was crowded and exciting and we learned a bit about how the seafood we enjoyed at last night's restaurant made it to the table. No talk of whales though! We enjoyed the gardens and sat down with our guide in the tea house overlooking the pond for a sweet and a cup of green tea this is relaxing and great value for money. The water bus was a standard river trip but the Asakusa temple and approaches were enjoyable despite the rain.




Great tour Strongly recommend Good people Interesting




Our guide was a Tsukiji expert. He was organized, professional and flexible with the interests of our group. The temples were amazing and his secret local spots to view of the city were priceless. My whole family enjoyed our tour and it was a highlight of our Japan vacation.




My husband and I took the private walking tour of Tsukiji Fish Market, the Hamarikyu Gardens, and the water bus on the Sumida River to Asakusa. Takao, our guide, was friendly, very knowledgeable and eager to share information about Tokyo and the places we were visiting. We took the metro with Takao, which was interesting to us and something we would not have ventured to do on our own. He was solicitous of us, making sure we did not get separated when we were in crowded areas. Never having been in Japan before, we had many questions to ask about Japan, the Japanese people, the language, etc. and Takao was happy to respond to our questions. We were very pleased with our guide and the entire tour, and we highly recommend both the tour and our guide, Takao.




This tour was perfect for us coming off 11 days of 12-14 hour days on a group tour of Korea and Japan. Takeover was friendly, knowledgeable, polite and accommodating. We had already done a tour to the Imprrial Palace, so Takao let us take more time at the markets and gardens.




Couldn't have asked for a better guide or tour. Takao was a wonderful guide to spend the day with very personable, friendly and knowledgable. We were able to enter the fish market from another entrance to avoid the crowds thanks to Takao. The garden was beautiful, highly recommend getting the matcha at the tea house. The tour ended with the boat ride and tour of Asakusa which were both lovely. I would highly recommend this tour for anyone.




Excellent. Our guide was very informative. This was our first visit to Tokyo and were only there for 4 day so we wanted to make sure we made the most of it. If you are in the same situation, it is wise to book tours. The guides are from there and can explain information you otherwise would not know.

Guide's Information

Guide Possible Areas Tokyo area
Specialty Spots-Areas Asakusa, Tsukiji fish market, Hamarikyu-garden, East garden of Imperial palace, Diet building.
Specialty Field-Genre History, Historic site , Shrines and temples
Expert's Name An expert on walking tour
Guide's Possible Days -
Usage Clause We will make emails or phones to confirm a reservation.
Others Avalable for any of your plans
Residential Administrative Divisions of Japan Tokyo
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