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Self Introduction

Hi. I am Mitsuru Sakai. I am also known as Mark.
Mark is a name given by my elementary school classroom teacher when I was 5 years old. Yes, our family moved to Seattle from Hokkaido, Japan at that time. Also it was around that time that I started recognizing some of the differences between the two countries.
It has been my life-long dream to show the real Japan to people from other countries.
It has also been my dream to introduce nice people from abroad to Japanese.
Probably the language barrier has been the biggest factor in causing misunderstandings between people with different cultural backgrounds. Therefore as a tour guide I’d like to bridge cultural and language gaps. I’d be greatly gratified if I could help international visitors experience the real Japan.
I assure you, however, that I will do my very best to make your trip to Japan as comfortable and enjoyable as possible so as to make it truly worthwhile.

Guide's Information

Guide Possible Areas Tokyo, Kamakura
Specialty Spots-Areas Asakusa, Ryogoku, Kiyosumi -area in Tokyo. Kamakura-area
Specialty Field-Genre (1) Temples and Shrines, (2) Architecture and traditional gardens
Expert's Name Mr. 'Easy to talk to.'
Guide's Possible Days Please refer my schedule calendar.
Usage Clause We use emails or phones to confirm a reservation. However , E-mail is much more preferable.
Residential Administrative Divisions of Japan Tokyo
Affiliated Groups JGA
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