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Self Introduction

Hi, my tour guide name is Anji. It's my pleasure to welcome you to my profile page.

Your trip would start when you plan it, wouldn't it? You may have many concerns such as safety, transportations, accommodations, foods, customs as well as what you can do, see and go etc., when visiting other countries.

My private tour will start when you confirm the booking. I'll help you to have better understanding of various things Japanese before coming to Japan as much as I can.

With my over 20 years experiences working at a U.S. based Semiconductor Company, English communication skills through emails, video conferences and business trips have been firmly based on me. I also had some chances to give sightseeing advice in Japan for the world-wide company friends, which made up my mind to be a professional tour guide. Knowing Japan gives me knowing the world with my guests!

I like Kabuki. I go to see it at least once a month, which provides me a lot of traditional Japanese aspects. Kabuki includes almost all Edo cultures from its words, music, dancing, costumes, stage-sets, pops and stories, of course.

I'm still learning Kabukki and Edo culture as well as English to be your best tour guide.

I'll look forward to have awesome private tours with you!




Yuuko (Anji) was a fantastic guide who went above and beyond to make it a great tour, suitable for adults and kids alike. It was a fantastic introduction to the city and she put together a wonderful annotated picture library for us as a souvenir. There was a lot of walking but rest breaks made it well paced unlike other private tours - highly recommended!




there were four of us on a private tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable and accommodating. We walked and took the subway, which was fun in itself. Yuuko took pictures of us at all of our stops and then sent us the pictures along with the personal detail of our tour. We only had a short time in Toyko and we hit a good number of the spots to give us a great taste of the city. Highly recommend.




We enjoyed our walking tour very much and Yukko was a great guide and took us to many parts of Tokyo we would have not found. Her knowledge of the history/culture she shared was excellent. Only negative was that it was very fast paced as there was so much to see - maybe better as a full day tour

Guide's Information

Guide Possible Areas Tokyo and adjacent areas
Specialty Spots-Areas Central Tokyo, Nikko, Fuji-Hakone, Kawagoe etc.
Specialty Field-Genre Kabuki, Museum, Department Store, Edo life, Culture and History, Ikebukuro and Ginza nearby area, Shrines and Temples, Traditional cultures, Eating
Expert's Name An expert on Kabuki
Guide's Possible Days Except Wendseday
Usage Clause We will make emails or phones to confirm a reservation.
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Residential Administrative Divisions of Japan Tokyo
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