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Private Tours in Yanaka

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【How to come from Tokyo Station】

About 11 minutes by train from Tokyo Terminal (including transfer)
The nearest station: 5 min. walk from Nippori (JR line) or 3 min. walk from Sendagi (Subway Chiyoda line C15)

【Outline of Yanaka】

Yanaka keeps the old type shopping streets and old rows of houses where you can feel something in old Japanese times.

Near Yanaka, there are two other popular towns Nezu and Sendagi, having full of Tokyo traditional downtown atmosphere too. People call them 『Yanesen』 from first two or three letters, “Ya” from Yanaka, “Ne” from Nezu and “Sen” from Sendagi”. You can experience something Japanese ordinary life style there.

Nippon PLUS guide will take you to Yanaka with other 『Yanesen』district along with an unknown museum. You can also request an original tour for Yanaka and Yanesen area.

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