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Private Tours in Meguro and Shirokanedai Area

Teien Art Museum Shirokanedai nature Meguro Fudoson

【How to come from Tokyo Station】

About 25 minutes by train from Tokyo Terminal (including transfer)
The nearest station: Shirokanedai (Subway Nanboku line N02) and Meguro (JR or Subway Nanboku line 03)

【Outline of Meguro and Shirokanedai Area】

Meguro and Shirokanedai area is not the place usually visited by foreign tourists. However, there are many fine museums such as Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, traditional hotels like Meguro Gajyoen, universities and gardens with calm and sophisticated atmosphere.

The word “Shirokane” is “platinum” and “dai” is a plateau. Shirokanedai, the town of Platinum, is something sophisticated residence area for people in Tokyo.
Meguro is located in rather south-west part of Tokyo 23 wards next to Shirokanedai of Minato ward and some unique museums and temples can be seen in Meguro area. Visit unknown places, which even local people may not know very well and get your unique experiences there.

Nippon PLUS offers a tour to visit Shirokanedai and Meguro area. You can also request an original tour for Shirokanedai and Meguro area.

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