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Shinjyuku Gyoen Tokyo Metropolitan Government Shinjyuku Kabukicho

【How to come from Tokyo Station】

About 15 minutes by JR train from Tokyo Terminal (no transfer)
The nearest station: Shinjyuku (JR line, Subway Marunouchi line 08) or Keio line, Odakyu line and Oedo Subway line)

【Outline of Shinjyuku】

It is said that about 3.3 million passengers use Shinjyuku Station every day. In 2013, it was recorded as the busiest station in the world by the Guinness World Records. There are 6 railways with JR, two private lines (Odakyu, Keio lines) and three subways (Marunouchi, Shinjyuku, Oedo lines), which results over 200 exits in Shinjuku station.

Each side of the station has its own main face, roughly such as the West for business, the East for entertainment, and the South for shopping. In the West, you will see high rises including Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. In the East, Golden and Kabuki-cho town are there with so many restaurants and entertainment facilities. In the South, there is newly opened shopping buildings next to Basuta Shinjyuku (Shinjyuku Expressway Bus Terminal) as well as Takashimaya Times Square. Shinjyuku Gyoen National Garden is also 10 or 15 minutes’ walk from the South exit.

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