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Private Tours in Ryogoku

Edo-Tokyo museum Edo Noren Sumo Museum

【How to come from Tokyo Station】

About 15 minutes by JR train including transfer from Tokyo station.
The nearest station: Ryogoku Station (JR or the Oedo Line)

【Outline of Ryogoku】

Ryogoku is known as a town of Sumo and you can also feel the atmosphere of Edo.
It features two major symbols; Ryogoku Kokugikan (Sumo stadium) and the Edo-Tokyo Museum.

Adding to those two constructions, some other attractive facilities have been in operation in November, 2016. One is the Sumida Hokusai Museum for those who are interested in Ukiyoe (Wood block printing) and the other is Edo Noren where you can enjoy Japanese traditional foods. "Katsushika Hokusai" (1760-1849) mostly lived in Sumida area and depicted Ryogoku area. His original artworks can be seen in the museum, but it is also interesting to observe various audio-visual materials such as a manual book “Hokusai Manga” (“Hokusai’s Sketchbooks”) with a touch screen. Edo Noren has twelve Japanese food shops with easy understanding instructions on wooden boards. It also has a real size sumo ring.

Ryogoku would become one of the must-see spots for those who are interested in Sumo, Ukiyoe, Japanese foods, Edo lifestyle and atmosphere. Tourists can also encounter sumo wrestlers in the streets, if lucky.

Nippon PLUS will offer tours to visit ryogoku with other tourist’s attraction. You can request an original tour for ryogoku area.

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