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Private Tours in Ochanomizu

Kanda Myojin Shrine St.Nicholai Church Ochanomizu Hijiri-bashi bridge

【How to come from Tokyo Station】

About 5 minutes by train from Tokyo Terminal (no transfer)
The nearest station: Ochanomizu (JR line) or (Subway Marunouchi line M20)

【Outline of Ochanomizu】

Ochanomizu area is currently known as a university town with many different universities and colleges, but you can feel Edo and early Meiji atmosphere here.

There are three sacred places. One of them, Kanda Myojin is a Shinto shrine known as the guardian shrine of Edo (former Tokyo) and now for business. Kanda Matsuri (Festival) is held once two years, which is said as the one of three major festivals in Japan. Yushima Seido Temple, other sacred place in Ochanomizu, is a venerable Confucian temple that dates back to the Edo Period. The one more, St.Nicholai Church is the head of the Orthodox Church in Japan founded in 1891 (early Meiji Era) after the end of Edo Government. Along with such three sacred places, there is popular Origami Kaikan Hall to experience "Origami" Paper Folding and some unique museums.

Nippon PLUS offers some selections to visit Ochanomizu and nearby places. You can request an original tour there too.

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