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Private Tours in Asakusa

kaminarimon Hozomon Nakamise

【How to come from Tokyo Station】

About 20 minutes by JR train and subway including transfer.
The nearest station: Asakusa (Ginza line G19)

【Outline of Asakusa】

Asakusa offers an experience of the sights, sounds and smells of old, historical Tokyo and attracts many foreign visitors. So many things and places to do and to see are there, such as the Kaminarimon Gate with a big red lantern, 250m long Nakamise Shopping Street, Sensoji Temple with five-storied pagoda, Asakusa Shrine. In the precinct of Senso-ji Temple, you will be surprised to know that the Tokyo Skytree imitates the same function of the anti-earthquake structure with the Five-storied pagoda there. You can also veiw an amazing view of the Tokyo Skytree with other impressive Asahi Beer company's objects before entering the temple. Nippon PLUS offers various tours to visit Asakusa with other tourist’s attraction. Choose your favorite one. You can also request an original tour for Asakusa area.

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