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The feature of TOKYO

Needless to say, TOKYO is one of the largest cities in the world, and many foreign tourists visit.
There are many famous spots such as “Asakusa”, “Ginza”, “Tsukiji”, “Shibuya” in TOKYO, we are wondering where to go and what to do.
We would like to introduce how to enjoy TOKYO by focusing on three points.

How to have fun in TOKYO

Tsukiji Honganji

PART1Temples and Shrines

“Temples” in Tokyo are famous for Sensoji Temple in Asakusa and Meiji Jingu Shrine, but there are also shrines and temples other than Sensoji Temple that you want to visit once. “Tsukiji Honganji” in Tsukiji, “Nezu Shrine” in Nezu, “Kanda Myojin” near Akihabara, etc.
Tokyo is also easy to move because there are many trains and buses. You can visit temples while using your time effectively.

PART2Japanese Culture Experiences

There are many cultures in Japan. Famous ones include “Sumo”, “Tea Ceremony” and “Flower Arrangement”.
In particular, Sumo is very popular with foreign visitors to Japan, and the Sumo stable cannot be visited unless you are lucky.
Also, "Ryogoku" is popular as a sumo town. You might just be able to encounter the Sumo wrestlers walk.
Others, you can experience in Tokyo also "Martial Arts", "Soba".

Sumo stable

PART3City Walk

TOKYO is a big city, so you may be wondering where to go.
Please tell us what you are most interested in."Shopping" "Food" "Scenery of Downtown" etc. We recommend the perfect location for you.

What we can serve

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Come on.
Let's visit TOKYO

Our guide will take you to tokyo and make a memorable day in Japan.

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