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Private Walking Tour of Samurai town SAKURA near Narita Airport

Tour feature and details

SAKURA city is the most suitable sightseeing spot for the tourist who are interested in Samurai Culture!!(Moreover, only 20 minutes from Narita Airport station, 49 minutes from Nippori station in Tokyo) Besides its locational advantage,it exposes all visitors to the Samurai warrior's culture and lifestyle. Because, it's a castle town flourished as a strategic point to protect the east of Edo(present Tokyo). I invite you to slip back in time to the Samurai era in the Edo Period(1603~1868)!!
・Visit Samurai houses(built in the late Edo Period) designated as Japan Heritage.
・Stroll SAKURA Castle Ruins Park.(The ruins is also Japan Heritage)
・The tour of National Museum, REKIHAKU. (Japan's largest museum of history and folklore)
【What to expect】
This tour would be perfect for tourists who are interested in traditional Japanese culture derived from Samurai warrior's culture and lifestyle.
Additionally,its locational advantage makes easier for many tourists including people of the layover in the Narita Airport to use the available time effectively. SAKURA city located in Hokuso District,the northeastern region of Chiba Prefecture,is designated as ”Japan Heritage” along with other three cities of this district.
The title of ”Japan Heritage” is granted by Agency for Cultural Affairs to the quality of a consistent story narrating the Japan’s culture and tradition finely studded with the historic charm and character of each locality.(Unlike Tokyo, these local towns didn't suffer major damage from air raids during World War Ⅱ.)
Particularly,the castle town of SAKURA still have preserved a remnant of Samurai town!!
Moreover, you can most easily deepen your understanding on Japanese history and folklore through REKIHAKU tour!!
This interesting tour set in both rarely seen historic sites and best museum of history will make you immerse in an atmosphere of old times!!

Course(Visiting Spots)

1. Samurai retainer's residential quarter
There are three old Samurai Houses along the main street(named Samurai Houses Street) of the quarter, surrounded by high walls and quick hedges, where you can feel the nostalgic air of Samurai-era. These well preserved residences were built in the later half of Edo Period where some samurai of SAKURA clan(samurai retainer) really used to live. These rarely seen Samurai Houses still remaining and open to the public definitely expose you to the samurai's life style!!

2. SAKURA Castle Ruins Park
This expansive and beautiful park is set amidst the ruins of SAKURA Castle used to serve as a strategic point to protect the east of Edo from 1617 to 1868. There's little left of the original castle, but there still remain the ruins of the fortifications such as defensive mounds,dry moats, water-filled moats and rarely seen large-sized Ruins of Demaru (a fortress projecting from a larger castle) with moats and earthen rampart walls.

3. The National Museum of Japanese History(known popularly in Japanese as REKIHAKU)
The REKIHAKU located in the park,which is Japan's only nationally operated and the largest museum of history and folklore,houses and displays some 230,000 artifacts of historical importance and cultural value that together help to tell the story of Japan's past!!
At the end of REKIHAKU tour, you can drop by the museum store, where research bulletins, exhibition catalogues, and other REKIHAKU publications including visitor's guide book(summary of all the Galleries of this museum written in English) are available for purchase. Also available are picture postcards of museum artifacts,a variety of handicrafts.

Departure Time 11:00AM
Duration 5 hours
Number of People 4
Meeting Point Narita Airport,Your hotel in Narita, Your hotel in Tokyo(see “What’s Excluded”),Your desired point(see “What’s Excluded”)
Tour End Keisei SAKURA station , Your desired point(see “What’s Excluded”)
What's Included Guide fee
Pick-up from Narita area(airport,station,your hotel etc)
Transportation fee(guide)
What's Excluded Transportation fee(you):from/to meeting/ending point: about 1,000JPY/2,500JPY per person(Narita area/Tokyo)
The Old Samurai Houses admission fee (you):210 yen per person
The National Museum admission fee(you):420yen
Lunch(you&guide):if any,Bathing fee for the hot spring(you):optional
Pick up fee from your hotel in Tokyo:1,000JPY
Pick up fee from your desired point(Narita area:free, Tokyo:1,000JPY,Others:pls contact me)
Drop off fee at your desired point (Narita area:free, Tokyo:1,000JPY,Others:pls contact me)
Reservation Deadline 1 days before the tour
Others ◆Important
Not available on Monday as all of the spots are closed.
Departure time is flexible!!
However, since the closing time of the final destination(the REKIHAKU museum) is 16:30, we should preferably start by 12:00 at the latest. (In the case of meeting in Tokyo, preferably by 11:00. And the duration of the tour will be 6 hours,but no extra charge!!)
Comfortable shoes are recommended as we walk approximately 4 km in total and there're several slopes.
◆About optional brief-tour(complimentary)
Complimentary brief-tour of handicraft shops including pottery workshop.(about 1 hour, free)
In this case, ending point will be changed to Keisei USUI station!!
And also, you can take a bath to wash away the sweat due to the walking tour in the natural hot spring named SUMIRE located 10 minutes walk from the workshop if you have a time!!
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Tour Fee

  • US$104 per group(1people)
  • US$118 per group(2people)
  • US$125 per group(3people)
  • US$132 per group(4people)

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2-7 days before tour date
20% Cancellation Fee
1 day before tour date
50% Cancellation Fee
On the tour date or If you do not send a cancellation contact
100% Cancellation Fee

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