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Private Half-Day YANAKA Walking Tour Including the Historic Temples

Tour feature and details

It’s a Temple Town, Yanaka’s Spring Walking Tour with a stroll through the Historic Temple District there viewing various cherry trees including weeping cherry ones being in full bloom in the temples.
It’s a guided tour of the carefully selected highlights of YANAKA including the famous temples and traditional Japanese folk crafts shops and studios to learn about Japanese traditional culture !!
◆All the destinations are strictly selected and combined from the perspective of answering your simple but significant questions about Edo most effectively!! Every highlight has its own theme to learn about!!(For more details please refer to "Course(Visiting Spots)".)
1. Tour of Many temples with historical background and YANAKA Cemetery enjoying appreciation of various cherry trees beautifully blooming on these historic sites!!(※)
(※)The latest cherry blossom forecast 2019 in YANAKA→(cf.Others [Important])
Many of the temples have Shidare cherry(dropping cherry tree)of ineffable beauty!!(cf.the pics above)
Cherry blossoms blizzard in the end of the viewing period is really overwhelming!!(cf.the video link→You tube)
2. Tour of many traditional shops with nostalgic air in YANAKA,such as many antiques and folk crafts shops full of refinement and elegance!!(cf.the pics above) [Examples of Shops]
Traditional Japanese ceramics shop, Exquisite vintage Kimono shop, Writing brushes and pigment for Japanese painting shop, Japanese paper with colored figures called "Chiyogami" shop,Traditional Japanese sweets shop, Handicraft Japanese Kiribako shop(Paulownia wooden box with light-weight, high adjustability to humidity, highly-level insulation, etc. guarantees life-long protection of your mementos!!), and Lucky cat shop!!
[Examples of Studios with shop]
Japanese pottery studio, Nihonga painting studio, bamboo basketry studio, etc.
3.Visiting Nezu Shrine, Tokyo’s oldest Shinto-shrine(※) noted for its magnificent and mysterious views(cf.the pics above)!!
(※)Your thoughts go to the Japanese mysterious religious view seemingly swinging between “Shintoism” and ”Buddhism” appreciating the magnificent Shinto Sanctuary built by the leader of Tokugawa Bakufu(Feudal Government headed by Shogun) substantially established “Buddhism” as the state religion.
3.What to expect
◆This tour gives you not only the great views of various cherry blossoms but also insight into the history and culture about Edo(present Tokyo) from the 16th century to the mid-19th century!! Staring from around YANAKA GINZA lined with nostalgic shops, you’ll tour places in this area from noted places to unbeaten tracks to be Edo-savvy till the tour end!!

Course(Visiting Spots)

1-a.Walking around YANAKA Cemetery, Tokyo’s first public one noted for the last Shogun’s grave.
“The superb view of the stunning cherry tree tunnel extending 300m along the cemetery’s path”
“Historical background of Japanese complicated religious concept”
1-b.Tour of Temples with weeping cherry trees carefully selected among a myriad of temples.
“The superb views of weeping cherry trees having exquisitely dropping branches.”
“Buddhism and controlled society through the temple-parishioner system during the Edo Period”
2.Tour of traditional Japanese folk crafts shops and studios deeply rooted in this Temple Town.
“Being exposed to the aesthetic senses and craftsmanship of Japanese arts and crafts handed down for generations here.”
3.Visiting Tokyo’s oldest Shinto-shrine of “Nezu” noted for its magnificent and mysterious views.
“Getting insight into Shinto,Japanese indigenous polytheism to make clear the mystery of their religious tolerance”

Departure Time 10:00AM
Duration 4 hours
Number of People 1~5
Meeting Point Nezu station(Chiyoda line), Sendagi station(Chiyoda line), Nippori station(JR), Your hotel in Tokyo(only the 23 wards of Tokyo)
Tour End Nezu station(Chiyoda line), Sendagi station(Chiyoda line), Nippori station(JR), Your hotel in Tokyo(only the 23 wards of Tokyo)
What's Included ・Guide fee
・Transportation fee(guide)
・Hotel pick up and drop off
What's Excluded ・Transportation fee(you)
・Lunch(you and guide:if any)
Reservation Deadline 1 days before the tour
Others [Important]
◆The latest cherry blossom forecast 2019 in YANAKA : EST.Best Viewing=March26~April6
◆Some of the shops and studios are closed on Monday or Tuesday.
◆Starting time is flexible between 10am and 2pm.
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  • Language:English
  • Interpreter Guide Number:EN00962
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Tour Fee

  • US$83 per group(1people)
  • US$104 per group(2people)
  • US$118 per group(3people)
  • US$132 per group(4people)
  • US$145 per group(5people)

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Cancellation Policy

8 or more days before tour date
No Cancellation Fee
2-7 days before tour date
20% Cancellation Fee
1 day before tour date
50% Cancellation Fee
On the tour date or If you do not send a cancellation contact
100% Cancellation Fee

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