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Full Day Kamakura Tour Including Temples of Zen Buddhism

Tour feature and details

Kamakura is a historical city, MINAMOTO no YORITOMO established the Kamakura Bakufu (Samurai Government) in 1192. Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine is a symbol of the Kamakura Bakufu. You can enjoy not only old town atmosphere with the Shrine but also some new shops in Komachi-dori Street near the Shrine.

Before visiting Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine and Komachi-dori street, we visit four temples; Kotokuin, Hase, Hokoku-ji and Jomyo-ji temples.

In Kotokuin Temple, the Great Buddha Statue in Kamakura is sitting cross-legged, robed with drapes in the classical lines reminiscent of ancient Greece. The bronze statue was cast in 1292, and was housed in a wooden temple, which was washed in a great tsunami in 1495. Great Buddha Statue has classical lines reminiscent of ancient Greece. Since then, The Great Buddha Statute has been sitting in the open atmosphere.

The Hase Temple, located on a hill in Kamakura with a sweeping view of the sea, is home of the statute of the 11-headed Kannon, Goddess of Mercy, each representing a characteristic of the goddess. The 9.18 meter tall, gilded wooden statue is regarded as one of the largest wooden sculpture in Japan. Hasedera is built along the slope of a wooded hill. A pretty garden with ponds exists at the base of the slope just after entering. Along the way stands the Jizo-do Hall with hundreds of small statues of the Jizo Bodhisattva who helps the souls of dead children to reach the paradise.

The Hokoku-ji Temple is a temple of Zen Buddhism. It is well known for the beautiful bamboo grove. A few narrow pathway lead to a tea house through the bamboo, where you can sit and enjoy matcha green tea and a small confection with 500yen, while enjoying views into the bamboo grove.

Within 10 minutes’ walk, there is another Zen Buddhism temple, the Jyomyo-ji Temple. The highlight of the temple is the main building. Here you will find a tea house overlooking a rock garden where you can also enjoy a bowl of matcha green tea accompanied with either of Japanese sweet at 600yen with “Rakugan” (hard candy) or at 1000yen with Japanese traditional artistic seasonal sweet bean paste cake. Shoes off are required on the tatami mat.

※Lunch will be taken at any place at your request or the recommendation by the guide. The order and duration for each place is subject to change per your request.

※You can use a rent bicycle in Kamakura instead of using a bus to Zen temples (400yen). Depending on the type of bicycles, the fee differs from 600yen/hour. The Kamakura’s roads are narrow with a lot of traffic, so you may sometimes move faster than the bus, but you need to be very careful when riding the bicycle. (No insurance for the accident)

Course(Visiting Spots)

1.Hase Temple
2.Kamakura Great Buddha, Kotokuin Temple
3.Hokokuji Temple (Option: tea ceremony)
4.Jomyoji Temple (Option: tea ceremony)
5.Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine
6.Komachi-dori street

Departure Time 9:00AM
Duration 7 hours
Number of People 1~6
Meeting Point Your Hotel
Tour End Your Hotel
What's Included ・Professional guide fee
・Hotel pick-up and drop-off
・Small group private tour
What's Excluded ・Transportation fees to/from your hotel and each attraction
both for the customer and guide (about 3200yen/person)
 - One way from your Tokyo hotel to Kamakura (about 1200yen/person)
 - Kamakura to Hase, Hase to other places about 800yen/person(by a local train and a bus) or about 1200yen(by a local train and a rent bicycle).
・Entrance Fees both for the customer and the guide:
 Hase Temple 300yen/person, Kotokuin Temple 200yen/erson, Hokoku-ji Temple 200yen/person, Jomyo-ji Temple 100yen/person
・Your green tea with sweets, if any (500yen, 600yen or 1,000yen/person)

*Fees may be subject to change.
Reservation Deadline 3 days before the tour
Others Travel insurance not be attached.
  • Ironman
  • Language:English
  • Interpreter Guide Number:EN01269
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Tour Fee

  • US$241 per group(1people)
  • US$241 per group(2people)
  • US$241 per group(3people)
  • US$270 per group(4people)
  • US$290 per group(5people)

Cancellation Policy

8 or more days before tour date
No Cancellation Fee
2-7 days before tour date
20% Cancellation Fee
1 day before tour date
50% Cancellation Fee
On the tour date or If you do not send a cancellation contact
100% Cancellation Fee

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