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Interpreter Guide Number:EN00061

Self Introduction

Hello! I am Yoshiko Hattori. Call me Yoshi.
Nagasaki is a fascinating and interesting city visited by lots of foreign tourists every year.
I always enjoy guiding every tourist and providing them with my best hospitality.
I'll be looking forward to seeing you and sharing a wonderful time with you.
See you soon!

Guide's Information

Guide Possible Areas Tokyo, Kamakura, Hakone, Nikko, Mt.Fuji, Fukushima, Hokkaido, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Osaka, Others
Specialty Spots-Areas Nagasaki ,Saga, Kagoshima, Hiroshima
Specialty Field-Genre History, shrines and temples, Eat, Fashion, traditional culture, Others(Hidden Christian)
Expert's Name History of Nagasaki
Guide's Possible Days
Usage Clause
Residential Administrative Divisions of Japan Nagasaki
Affiliated Groups Kyushu Association of Interpreters, Translators and Guide-Interpreters, Nagasaki Interpreter-Guide Association                                                
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