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Do you know how to worship at Shinto shrines and temples in Japan?

Do you know how to worship at Shinto shrines and temples in Japan?

Today, I went to Tsurgaoka Hachiman-gu shrine in Kamakura for a first visit.
There are many non-religious people in Japan, but everyone seems to visit at the beginning of the new year.

And there two types of temples and shrines in Japan, with different worship methods.
This time, I would like to explain how to worship shrines and temples in Japan.

1. Worship at the mountain gate( “Torii” in the case of temple )

You will bow and go through. In the case of a shrine, proceed around the center of the approach. This is because the center may be regarded as the path through which God passes.

2. Take hand water (purify the mind and body with the water from the obtained waterhouse)

Obtained waterhouse of Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu shrine
  • Hold the ladle with your right hand, draw water, put it on your left hand, and purify your left hand
  • Hold the ladle in your left hand, and now clean your right hand (sprinkle water on your left hand)
  • Hold the ladle in your right hand, put the water in the palm of your left hand, and rinse your mouth
  • Run the water on your left hand again
  • Set up a ladle with water, pour the water and put it face down

3.Worship (for shrines)

  • Two deep bows
  • Put your hands together and clap twice
  • Put your hands together and pray with all your heart (best to say your name, age and address)
  • Lower your hands and bow deeply at the end

※In the case of a temple, we pray quietly with our hands together and finally bow.

There is no limit on the amount of the offer, but it is better to have it over 100 yen. Please refer to when worshiping Japan.

If you visit Kamakura, please see this page.

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