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Private Tours in Ueno

Ueno Shinobazu Pond Ueno museum Panda in Ueno Zoo

【How to come from Tokyo Station】

About 10 minutes by train from Tokyo Terminal (no transfer)
The nearest station: Ueno (JR line, Subway Ginza line G16, Hibiya line H17)

【Outline of Ueno】

Ueno is an area with cultural atmosphere with its art galleries, famous museums, and fine arts universities.

The National Museum of Western Art, the First World Heritage Site in Tokyo is here. Meanwhile, Ueno Park is a charming garden which stretches from Ueno Station to Shinobazu Pond. Shinobazu Pond is known as a lotus pond. Ueno Zoo, having gotten much more popularity with first Pandas in Japanese zoo in 1972 as a symbol of friendship between China and Japan, is also in the park.

The park occupies the site of the former big Kanei-ji temple, a temple closely associated with the Tokugawa shoguns. With the remains of the temple, you can learn a lot about the history around here too.

Nippon PLUS offers a tour to visit 3 National Museums in Ueno. You can also request an original tour for Ueno.

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