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Private Tours in Tokyo Sky Tree

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【How to come from Tokyo Station】

About 30 minutes by JR train, subway and Tobu Skytree Line including transfer.
The nearest station: Tokyo Skytree Station or Oshiage Station

【Outline of Tokyo Sky Tree】

Tokyo Skytree is the world’s highest free-standing broadcasting tower, with cutting-edge Japanese building technology supporting it safely. The height is 634m.『634』 can be read as『Mu-Sa-Shi』when read in old Japanese numbers, "mu-san-shi". 『Musashi』was former district name of Tokyo and reminds Japanese people of Musashi Province of the past that used to cover a large area including Tokyo, Saitama and part of Kanagawa Prefecture. You can view 『Musashi』area from the Tokyo Skytree.

Around Tokyo Skytree, there are lots of entertainment facilities such as an aquarium, a planetarium and many shops. Asakusa is also near from Skytree, from where you can view the big tower in day time as well as in the night for beautiful lighting.
Basic lighting is two; Blue with 'Iki', the essence of 'Kokoroiki' and Violet with 'Miyabi', the Aesthetics. Besides such two colors, seasonal special lighting can be enjoyed too.

Nippon PLUS offers some selections to visit Tokyo Skytree. You can also request an original tour for Tokyo Skytree.

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