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Roppongi Hills Tokyo Midtown illuminations The National Art Center, Tokyo

【How to come from Tokyo Station】

Within 20 minutes by JR and subway including transfer from Tokyo station.
The nearest station: Roppongi (Subway Hibiya line H04)

【Outline of Roppongi】

Roppongi has been known as the most popular nightlife district among foreigners, offering a large number of foreigner friendly bars, restaurants and night clubs. However, Roppongi Hills (2003- ), Tokyo Midtown (2007- ) and The National Art Center, Tokyo (2007- ) changed the district's face over the past years and expanded Roppongi's attraction to a wider range of visitors even during day time.

You can view a full scope of landscape from the top of 238m Tokyo City View in Roppongi Hills. You can also walk around a Japanese garden (Mohri garden) in the Hills. In winter, splendid fantastic illuminations can be enjoyed in Tokyo Midtown. The beautiful construction of the National Art Center gives you artistic feeling along with its artworks inside. Not only the National Art Center, but also Mori Art Museum in the Hills, Suntory Museum of Art in Tokyo Midtown and other museums seem to create The Art Triangle Roppongi”, cutting-edge art among the skyscrapers of Roppongi.

Nippon PLUS can provide unique tours including the visit to Roppongi. You can also request an original tour for Roppongi. You can also request an original tour for Roppongi.

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