Private Tours in Other Area

Private Tours in Other Area

Nippon PLUS guide can take you to the following places where NOT so many tourists visit besides more popular areas. Please find your favorite place and tour with a Nippon PLUS professional guide.

In case that you can’t find your favorite tour, please click here to make your original tour with your Nippon PLUS professional guide.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sightseeing spots


Tour Name Information
・Finding Historical Assets and Try Fresh Sea food snacks in Otaru City Duration:8h
Price:US$130(per group)


Tour Name Information
・SWing-Wun-Sen Heart Warms and Ordinary Local line Duration:3.5h
Price:US$170(per group)
・Relict of Volcanic Disaster of Bandai Duration:8h
Price:US$645(per group)

Kobe SakeKobe

Tour Name Information
・Kobe Sake Breweries of Nada Course Duration:4h
Price:US$90(per group)