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Japanese Culture

What Japanese culture do you want to learn and experience?

What comes up to your mind to hear "Japanese culture"? "Tea Ceremony", "Flower Arrangement", "KIMONO", "SUSHI". "Calligraphy", "Martial Arts" or anything other? Some say "I've heard about it, but I don't know well." Or some say "I'm interested in it, but I've had no chance to learn or experience it". For such foreign tourists, Nippon PLUS guides and website offer various tours and information introducing Japanese culture. In some tours, you can experience it by yourself, while you can learn a lot about Japanese culture from your guide in other tours. We’ll add information and tours here periodically.

Quick learning (Alphabetical order) – To be added periodically

Here are introduction of some Japanese culture you may be interested in.
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Japanese Culture Experience Tour

Now, you can actually experience “Tea Ceremony”, “Flower Arrangement”, “Kimono Wearing”, “Sake Brewery” and “Origami” in the Japanese culture experience tour listed below. Even if you can't find the tour what you want to experience, you can consult with a licensed Guide-Interpreter, Nippon PLUS guide.
Expert traveler should experience the culture of that country and Nippon PLUS guides would do help it.
Why don't you join "Nippon PLUS" Japanese Culture Experience tours in commemoration of Japan?

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