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5 Reasons to Use a Guided Private Tour When Traveling to Japan

What do you want to do most when you come to Japan?

Tea ceremony

According to data from a while ago, according to a survey by the Japan Tourism Agency in 2016, the top five things to expect before visiting Japan are as follows.

1st place Eating Japanese food

2nd place Shopping

3rd place Nature and scenic spot tourism

4th place Walk around downtown

5th place Onsen

Certainly, when Japanese people go abroad, aside from hot springs, the first to fourth places are items that you will definitely want to try at your destination.
After all, food, shopping, and sightseeing are the three main purposes of travel.
Speaking of Japanese food, many people give “sushi”. Or “tempura” or “ramen”?
What do you think of Ginza when shopping? Or “Omotesando”?
Also, where do you want to go for sightseeing? “Tokyo”? “Kamakura”? “Kyoto” or “Mt. Fuji”? Even if you say “Tokyo” in a bite, there are many sightseeing spots, so you get lost. Of course, the classic Asakusa is good, but it may be good to go to other unfamiliar spots (such as Gotokuji and Ryogoku).

We dismissed the story, but We want to get into the main topic.

Here are five reasons why you should take a guided private tour when you come to Japan.

1.Get various explanations from professionally qualified guides

All the guides registered on our site are professional guides with the national qualification of ” National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter “. They study English as well as Japanese history and culture, and have more detailed knowledge.
For example, when guiding Asakusa, besides the explanation of “Kaminarimon” and “Nitenmon”, the history of Asakusa. You may also be able to tell us about the spots in Asakusa.
You will know how to enjoy Asakusa, which is not included in the guidebook.

2.Unlimited private tours

There are no other guests on the private tour, so it is a state of “guide charter”.
So you can say selfishness in time.
You can go around a fixed course, but it is also good to customize the course, and it is OK to say selfishness such as “I want to go there after all” or “I want to eat that” while on the way.
You can extend the time if the convenience of the guide. (A separate extension fee will be charged)
Even if you can’t extend your guide, you can ask your guide to get to your destination.

See all private tours

3.You can choose a guide by destination (sightseeing place) or purpose

You can choose a guide from the place you want to go and the purpose (want to see sumo, eat sushi, go to temples, etc.).
Each of the tour guides registered on our site has its own specialty.
History, shrines and temples and so on
And each guide is a “master” of something. Walking tour, private tour, Buddhist statues, etc.
Check your profile to find a guide that fits your tour goals.
In addition, since the guide’s face photo is also posted, you can know in advance what kind of atmosphere the guide is.

Try to find a guide

4.Make a 100% original tour

The biggest advantage is that you can create only one original tour in the world.
The guide will pick you up at your hotel, so you can decide what to do after picking up and interact with the guide in advance.

How to make a 100% original tour
・ Book tour dates and guides
First, book the day and guide you want to make a tour. You can specify your favorite guide, or you can decide here.
・ Pay the tour fee
You pay for the tour with a credit card. Only the guide fee is included in the price. The guide fee is around 25,000 yen for a one-day tour (7-8 hours), and around 20,000 yen for a half-day tour (4-5 hours). (May vary depending on season and number of people)
Transportation and entrance fees between the hotel and the tour are not included (including guides), so you need to pay in cash on the day of the tour.
Estimated transportation costs are between 1,000 yen and 1,500 yen per person for a one-day tour of Tokyo.
・ Consult with a guide about tour contents
Your guide will contact you, so let us know what kind of course you want and let us know what you want.
Then interact with the guide several times to create your own course.

Request an original tour

5.Apply for the next day’s tour in the shortest possible time

It is difficult with the original tour, but it is possible to apply for the next day’s tour as soon as possible with an existing tour. There are few tours that can be applied the next day, but there are many tours that can be applied two or three days before.
In addition, the course of the existing tour is determined in advance, but you can change the destination in consultation with the guide on the tour day. That’s the nice thing about private tours.

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