Interpreter Guide Number:EN00031

Self introduction

I've been working as a tour guide for foreign tourists since 2010. I love meeting people from all over the world. I'd like to show you the interesting aspects unique to Japan.
I'm interested in Buddhist statues, Japanese sake (I'm a licensed sake sommelier) cooking and shopping. My hometown is Yamanashi, where Mt.Fuji stands. My tours here are specialized in Mt.Fuji and Yamanashi area, but you can ask me anywhere you want to go. The meeting place of my tours is not Tokyo, but I’m sure that you can enjoy local places as well.

Guide Possible Areas

Yamanashi, Kyoto and Nara

Specialty Spots-Areas

Yamanashi, temples and shrines in Kyoto and Nara

Specialty Field-Genre

Shrines and temples , Food , Fashion , Shopping , Art , Traditional culture , Buddhist statues , Cat cafe

Expert's Name

An expert on Buddhist statues

Guide's Possible Days

7 days a week

Usage Clause

We will make emails or phones to confirm a reservation.


Avalable for any of your plans