Interpreter Guide Number:EN00266

Self introduction

Hello! Thank you for being interested in my tour!
I was born and grew up in Nara surrounded by many historical temples in Nara Park.
I studied much of Nara and the ancient history of Japan in the faculty of Foreign language in the University in Kyoto, so why don't you enjoy staying in Japan with me?
I will make arrangement for your tour in these areas depending on your budget and the place you would like to go. Please feel free to ask me your plan.

Guide Possible Areas

Nara, Kyoto and Osaka

Specialty Spots-Areas

Temples, shrines in Nara and Kyoto

Specialty Field-Genre

Historical sacret spots, Shrines and temples

Expert's Name

An expert on Nara Park

Guide's Possible Days

Weekday only

Usage Clause

We will make emails or phones to confirm a reservation.