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Self Introduction

I’m an expert on shrines and temples and traditional culture. So, I’m good at introduing traditional shrines and temples especially in Nara and Osaka.
I’m also an expert on Okinawa classical Karate. As I myself is a master of Okinawa classical Karate, beautiful classical form can be demonstrated if you would like to observe it, or you can even experience it if you want during the tour. Not hard but soft which is very different from sportive Karate.

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Guide's Information

Guide Possible Areas Nara,Osaka
Specialty Spots-Areas Shrines and temples in Nara,Traditional culture
Specialty Field-Genre Shrines and temples, Traditional culture, Okinawa classical Karate
Expert's Name An expert on shrines and temples, Traditional culture, Okinawa classical Karate
Guide's Possible Days Only Sunday
Usage Clause We will make emails or phones to confirm a reservation.
Others Basic service of the way of tea will be coming soon in my private small room.
Residential Administrative Divisions of Japan Osaka
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